The only thing worse than a negative image is no image at all

This just in: Neumann Paige has created a digital public relations solution that allows for any brand, regardless of perceived newsworthiness, to be featured in premium online publications on a consistent basis. Better yet, we’ve streamlined the process by cutting the middle man of the obsolete press release and go directly to the editors and journalists already tasked with compiling the article and supply them with you as the leading source.

As a result, we set yourself apart from your peers and get portrayed as the expert on relevant,trending topics by getting placed on industry-leading blogs and high-profile, high-domain authority news sites.

By leveraging our rolodex of established and reputable media partnerships, we can streamline the process of getting you published and portrayed in a way your competitors simply aren’t.Better yet, you can then repurpose the content on your site, in marketing collateral and in sales pitches to provide the ultimate peace of mind for an increasingly skeptical client base.

The reality is that prospective customers and clients are doing more research than ever before when making a purchasing decision. How effective do you think it would be if they discovered that you’re regular featured in recognized publications? The answer: Extremely.

For brands that have a hard time converting traffic into leads or sales, this service sets you apart from your competitors. Call us today for a free evaluation of your online branding and stop letting that hard earned traffic go to waste!


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