Removing personal information from sites is one of our most requested services.

Are you safe from identity theft? Is your personal information protected? What type of impression will you make to prospective employers who search for you online? These are questions many people ask themselves in a day and age where it seems as though our every move is captured online.

Removing this personal information from sites like Intelius, Peoplesearch, and Whitepages is one of our most requested services among executives, public figures, and working professionals. Accessing sensitive details on these sites such as your phone number, address, birth-date, and financial transactions can be akin to finding a wallet in a parking lot – putting you and your livelihood at risk.

However, successfully deleting these from Google or any other search engine can be a long, drawn-out process when attempted on your own. Finding where ALL of your information is can be time consuming enough, let alone trying to remove it without the help of an expert, which often times requires direct outreach and negotiating with the sites themselves.

Effects on Employment

How Your Online Reputation Affects a Job Search

A listing of your public records like a bankruptcy filing or an arrest from long ago may not shine you in the best lite when you are applying for that new job. 94 % of employers search prospects online before making them an offer. 78% of employers do an online search of job applicants even before scheduling an interview.

Please contact us right away and speak with an Internet reputation specialist to determine the right strategy for your personal privacy needs.


Getting An Offer

Employers searching prospects online before making them an offer.


Getting An Interview

Employers searching online of job applicants before scheduling interviews.

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