Building a Business: Equal Parts Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Add another ten parts money and you have a chance at building a brand. Sometimes that brand is a corporate name. In the case of many professionals, it’s your personal name. In either case, attacks against your brand online can be devastating. Over 90% of consumers say they research a brand online before making a buying decision.

Government regulatory sites like and are examples of sites where past filings can continue to haunt brokers years later. In many cases, they appear first for both the business and the individual’s name in search results due to the authority of the site.

Consumer complaint sites like RipoffReport, ComplaintsBoard, and are just a few of the many online platforms that can have a devastating effect on a high-profile business. Fortunately, this is where Neumann Paige rises to the occasion.

There is no area where we have more expertise than enterprise reputation management. As a result of our meticulous efforts, we have seen conversion rates and lead generation increase on average of 35% for brands with sites such as the aforementioned featured on the top three results of their Google search results. And the recoup of revenue loss for #4-10 in those same search results is an average of 18%.

Consumer complaint sites like ripoffreport, complaintsboard, and are just a few of the many complaint blogs that can have a devastating effect on a business. There is no area where we have more expertise than enterprise reputation management. There is plenty of data online to keep you busy for months, but we have personally seen conversion rates and lead generation off by up to 35% on average for any one of these sites featured in the first three results on Google. The loss of revenue for place 4- 10 in the search results is an average of 18%

The Hard Truth

The most common reaction for clients who call us is to immediately begin telling us their side of the story in an attempt to get to “the truth”. This is fine and a completely necessary part of the process so there is no problem letting us know what actually happened. But “the truth” is that this is costing you a fortune.

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Search Engines Don’t Understand Truth from Fallacy – And Websites Don’t Care!

Even if every word of the posting is false, the search engine doesn’t know that. And the review platform or complaint site doesn’t care. In fact, in most cases, they are financially incentivized to highlight the negatives and filter out the positives.

In the case of future clients, perception is reality. Your prospect knows he sees one business with the word fraud associated with his business and he sees your competitor who does not. That’s the reality. We are privy to more search analytics regarding this application than anyone could ever hope to be. This not guesswork.

In almost all cases regarding a business the negative content will not qualify for removal. We have helped hundreds of clients with removals and be glad to assist if you do qualify, but it is almost always a better choice to suppress the information. There are two primary reasons for this:

The Wrong Approach

Removal Campaigns

There are very few situations where content can be removed from the internet. The two most common are convincing the site owner to remove the content, or have the Search Engine de-index, or no longer rank the content. Removal campaigns can be costly and there is not always a guarantee of success. They also do not prevent the unhappy client from posting again. Or any future unhappy patrons. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in a situation where you are continuously faced with removing content online. Our experts will be happy to review your situation and advise you on your chances of deletion, but it is always best to control brand awareness through proactively posting positive content.

The Right Approach

Suppression Campaigns

What is commonly referred to in our industry as a suppression campaign is the practice of identifying and/or creating positive, engaging online assets about your brand to supplant any negative or unwanted content, ultimately pushing those off of Page 1 of search engine results pages (SERPs), where over 94% of all people begin and end their searches.

Accomplishing this will give you full control of your search results and, in most cases, full protection from any future attacks. We recommend this strategy to ALL of our clients, even those who have never been confronted with a negative backlash. It is a must for every brand in this environment.

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