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Many of our customers suffer from similar circumstances. Here is some basic information about our industry and the common questions our customers have. Please contact us for more information about any of these topics.

In most cases, articles can not be deleted from the internet unless you have direct access to the site that the negative information is posted on. In some cases the article may be able to be de-indexed from the search engine listings. A qualified consultant can explain if your situation meets the typical requirements for de-indexing.

Yes. Privacy protection campaigns are suited to each individual and require a specific strategy. I consultant will be able to explain the details and determine if you are a fit for this service.

In many cases we can get the negative review down. It generally depends on which site the negative appears.

Yes. We have much success where others have failed. Methods and practices change as the as the internet changes.

Yes. Our award winning digital Public Relations team can guide you through your online branding experience.

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