Your Business’ Reputation is Your #1 Asset

A negative impression online in the form of reviews can hurt on many levels. There is the emotional pain of being branded unfairly, along with the wasted time trying to resolve the issue. But sometimes lost in the battle of proving a point the real pain gets overlooked: The financial pain!

Most people understand there is no such thing as a perfect practice and don’t expect to see 5-star reviews across the board. However, it is absolutely necessary for you to be vigilant in the monitoring and maintenance of all review platforms associated with you online, and to proactively ask satisfied customers and patients for positive reviews, and to respond to these posts to show you truly care about their feedback – both the good and the bad.

Putting a system in place to manage your reviews online is a must for every local business today, even if you don’t have negatives yet.
At Neumann Paige, we have access to over 200 review sites that we can manage, including dozens of industry-specific platforms that possess a high Domain Authority – a score that factors significantly into where a site will rank organically in search engines. Therefore, our review management strategy also provides immense Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits as well, in the form of backlinking and getting these assets ranking highly in your Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

What We Do

How Exactly Do We Manage and Foster Your Online Reviews?

Get More Reviews

Make it effortless for you to direct customers to reviews sites and make it easy for them to publicly share reviews.

Performance Management

Easily spot poorly performing platforms with ability to segment data to groups, industries, or even individual regions/locations

Improve SEO

Reviews and review sites influence SEO by as much as 75% of the total algorithmic factor.

Promote Your Business

Amplify the positive sentiment of customers by leveraging your company website and social media.

Response Management

Proactively track and respond to consumer reviews and even avert embarrassing public comments.

Identify and Resolve Trends

Get on top of any potential issues through instant alerts and weekly and daily reports.

What You Get

What Exactly Is Included In Online Review Management?

  • Review site monitoring & reporting

  • Unlimited review collections & alerts

  • Private review system with preview feature

  • Automated follow-up service to share reviews on review sites

  • Review collection campaigner

  • Social media integration including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others

  • Website integration apps with Live Testimonial Feeds

  • Customizable couponing

  • Optional survey service included

  • No contract – cancel at any time

  • Low Monthly Service – Pay 5-10X more when purchased separately

  • Optional multi-branch support and multi-user accounts

  • Reviews and customer data belong to you – export your data at any time

  • Live phone support

How It Works

How Exactly Do We Deliver On Our Mission?

We have access to and relationships with over 200 review sites that we can manage and monitor on your behalf, and can all be organized by industry. Many of these sites also have what’s known as a high domain authority (DA) score, which provides immense search engine optimization (SEO) benefits through backlinking, both critical factors for search engine algorithms when determining where a site gets ranked in search results. Our team will identify the most appropriate sites to utilize for your situation and, upon accumulating the reviews, disseminate them across those platforms.

Our proprietary technology allows us to find and intercept any posted review that features three stars or less in the widget, and will instantly notify the business owner that a less-than-desirable review was left. This allows for the business owner or operator to instantly respond to unhappy customers/patients/clients.

Grow Your Reputation

Take the First Step Toward Building Your Online Reputation