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As a physician, practice, or medical facility, your name is your brand. And living in today’s Information Age, people’s first impression of your brand is generally what first appears about you when they search online.

At Neumann Paige we have extensive experience in this industry. The effects of damaging reviews are felt most by businesses who get searched most. In 2019 people make decisions by researching online. Choosing the right healthcare provider is one of the biggest decision a person can make. For some it’s the most important decision they ever make. It is important they make their decision based on ALL of the information. Not the information of one person with one opinion that has never even been vetted. Sadly, that is what many people are faced with.

By the Numbers

Key Facts for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is the second-most impacted industry when it comes to reviews, behind only the restaurant industry.

Over half (51%) of all people check reviews to assess their doctors and nearly half (47%) of those who looked up physicians online felt differently about them after viewing their profiles and reviews.

Thirty percent of parents choose pediatricians for their children based on online ratings and the same amount have ruled out a pediatrician based on those ratings.

Approximately 85 percent of doctors now actively monitor online reviews posted by patients.


People who check online reviews to assess a doctor


Doctors that actively monitor online reviews

Improve Your Visibility and Your Results

With our service, your prospective patients will see reviews by your legitimate patients on a variety of sites like, HealthGrades, ZocDoc, RateMD’s as well as your Google local listing. Your current patients will feel as though there opinion is valued.

Sometimes we get fooled into thinking this is all about star ratings. It’s not. It’s about honest feedback about your practice so you can provide the best care to your patients. We believe there should still be room for some of that. Our review management has helped many of our current clients identify problems they would have otherwise never been made aware of.

Healthcare providers also must be extremely careful in the manner in which they respond to reviews. We have been in more of these situation with our clients than anyone health care provider ever could and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Our assistance in response and reaction is our most valued service among our current clients.

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